07/13/2016 03:12 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 03:59 EDT

Toddler Asks Kim Kardashian How She's Famous

One curious toddler named Sid has asked Kim Kardashian the question many have been wanting to know the answer to for years: "How are you famous?"

Surprisingly, Kardashian didn't really give him a straight answer.

The reality star documented the short conversation with her friend's toddler son on Snapchat.

"Are you famous?" Sid asked, to which she replied, "Am I famous? Umm... I don't like to use that term, but I..."

The toddler then followed with, "How are you famous?"

"That's up for question, too," the 35-year-old star responded, which leaves us questioning if even she knows the answer herself.

While the mother-of-two has been a reality star since 2007, many still aren't convinced that Kardashian deserves her public platform.

And although Kimmy may be quite used to getting the question, she probably wasn't expecting it from a toddler!

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