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Fourth Trimester Photos Remind Us To Enjoy The Little Things

Ariel Skelley via Getty Images
Mother kissing newborn baby in hospital

The fourth trimester can be a very overwhelming time for parents, but especially for new moms. Between taking care of a newborn, adjusting to your post-baby body, and trying to keep the romance alive with your partner, postpartum can be tough.

But the fourth trimester definitely has its upsides. From dressing your wee one in adorable outfits to watching your baby and her siblings bond, the first few months after birth is truly a precious time.

If you need more proof, just take a look at these beautiful #FourthTrimester photos from Instagram below.

sacrificed my shirt in the name of love. up early waiting for diapers to dry 🍑💦🙈 #fourthtrimester #FoxHendrix

A photo posted by ELIZABETH G ERICKSON (@olive_and_pine) on

A photo posted by @alizaliz on

🌻 Favorite people, favorite flower 🌻 #parttimeexplorers #family #fourthtrimester

A photo posted by Sarah Mertz (@sarahbeaa) on

My sous chef 💙

A photo posted by Mal Holcomb-Botts (@malhbotts) on

A photo posted by @prishimi on

A photo posted by Leala Faleseuga (@kauri) on

A photo posted by @prishimi on

One week with our girl! #newborn #birthofamama #fourthtrimester

A photo posted by Kendal Wylie Harris (@fu_uuun) on

Beach life is the best life. Especially with these two💙

A photo posted by M e i g M i r o w s k i (@meig.mirowski) on

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