07/14/2016 16:53 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 16:59 EDT

Summer 2016 Fashion Trends On All Body Types

Summer '16 has already seen such a diverse collection of trends. Throughout the warmer months, we have seen everything from fun summery prints, colours and details, to trends from the past re-imagined for today.

We typically see trends trickle down from the runways of fashion week, but it's a beautiful thing when on-point pieces are accessible to everyone, regardless of their size. Style has no size, and seeing these trends on women of all shapes and sizes, interpreted through their personal style aesthetic, can inspire everyone to try out one of these trends for themselves.

Get inspired by these women of all sizes rocking this summer's hottest trends:


Michelle, Teach In Fashion

Annika, The Stylish Reid

Ester, Plus Size Model


Thera, Cloud 14+

A photo posted by T.H.W. (@thera_cloud14) on

Mandy, Sparkle Shiny Love

Ana, March And May

All white

Emily, Threads And Blooms

Valerie, Fashion On A Curve | Ola, Road To Fashionable | Chichi, Supple Chic | Vivi, Heart Print And Style

Sarah Taylor, Plus Model | Sarah DeMelo, Plus Model

All denim

Jessica, Tiny Red Shoes

Giulia, Grinsebacke

A photo posted by Grinsebacke (@dschulii) on

Justine, Jetset Justine


Gail, Fab Four Fashion

A photo posted by Mizwoochic (@mizwoochic) on

Nicolette, Nicolette Mason

Barbara Ann, Barbara Ann Style Blog

Graphic bags

Sam Beckerman, Beckerman Blog

Inemesit, Inemesit Etokudo

Amina, Studio Mucci

A photo posted by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on

Palm leaf print

Krystin Lee, Suburban Faux-Pas

Amber, Style Plus Curves

Thamarr, Musings Of A Curvy Lady

Lace-up front

Tanesha, Tanesha Aawasthi

Kaylee, The Blondilocks

Felicity Hayward, Model


Kayla, Short Presents

Mo, Lion Hunter

A photo posted by museMO (@misslionhunter) on

Nadia Aboulhosn, Model

Citrus colours

Busola, The Fashion Stir Fry

Lisa, Mustang Sally Two

A photo posted by Lisa (@mustangsallytwo) on

Shainna, A Thick Girl's Closet

Lemon print

Kassandra, Kassandra Kondo

Natalie, Natalie Ast

Chastity, Garner Style

Flared pants

Gaby, The Vault Files

A photo posted by Gaby Burger (@gabyburger) on

Dana, The Good Herring

A photo posted by Dana (@goodredherring) on

Ashley, My Simple Curvy Life


Victoria, A Side of Vogue

Emily, Something Gold, Something Blue

Jolene, Boardroom Blonde

A photo posted by @boardroomblonde on

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