07/14/2016 15:23 EDT | Updated 07/15/2017 01:12 EDT

Yukon politician resolves sexual harassment case

WHITEHORSE — The Yukon Human Rights Commission says it has resolved a sexual harassment case involving the former speaker of Yukon's legislature.

David Laxton and the woman he was alleged to have sexually harassed, Michelle Stimson, made statements in a new release issued by the commission on Wednesday.

"I am satisfied with this process and the resolution, and I know my fellow Yukoners will respect this," Stimson said. "I am moving on with my life. I will not be making any further comment."

Laxton said the process has been a profound learning experience for him.

"I sincerely apologize for any harm or distress that my conduct has caused her. I am sorry."

No other details about the case or the settlement were released.

Laxton resigned from his role as speaker and left the Yukon Party caucus in May after learning an allegation had been made against him.

He now sits as an Independent for the riding of Porter Creek Centre and has been barred from seeking a Yukon Party nomination in this October's territorial election.

The commission's statement said there is no official policy for Yukon legislature members on how to address allegations of sexual harassment.

"That should change," the statement said.

A policy regarding sexual harassment would have to be developed by the all-party members' services board, Floyd McCormick, the clerk of the legislative assembly, said Thursday.

(Whitehorse Star)