07/15/2016 12:55 EDT

Calgary Stampede Tourist Charged After He Allegedly Tried To Grab Officer's Taser

Ashton Rice/Twitter

Calgary police say video of an arrest circulating online shows the aftermath of what happened when an intoxicated tourist tried to grab an officer's taser.

On Wednesday evening police responded to reports of a belligerent drunk man who refused to leave the Calgary Stampede grounds and attempted to steal other customers' drinks at the Nashville North tent.

As police tried to escort him off the grounds, he allegedly grabbed an officer's taser.

Police wrestled with the man to get him under control, at which point a bystander began to record video which was later posted to Twitter.

Charges were laid against Daniel McGuire, 23, of England.

The video is the second in two weeks to show an aggressive arrest by Calgary officers, prompting one Calgary cop to speak out on how sometimes the use of force can be justified.

"Use of force is never pretty. Even when completely justified. To most citizens, witnessing police using force may be shocking or disturbing to see. That is understandable," wrote Const. Riley Babott on Facebook after the second incident.

While Babott says he can't comment on the specific incidents shown in the videos, as he wasn't present at either, he wants the public to understand many officers simply want to get a situation quickly under control.

"I've seen many comments relating to it not being fair that there are multiple officers using force to arrest one individual. But the fact is, we are not going to fight fair. A use of force encounter is not a gentlemanly duel nor is it a competition sanctioned by an athletic commission," Babott continued.

Police say all incidents involving use of force are reviewed and reported to the Calgary Police Commission.

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