28 Chili Recipes You Can Make All Year Round

It's the perfect food for camping too!

Chili in the summer? Sure, we admit that seems odd on the outset, but consider the following points, which we think will make you realize that it's a great dish to make year-round.

First of all, chili is endlessly versatile: meat or veg; pork or beef or chicken; red or green. You can easily customize the dish to your tastes, dietary preferences or budget.

Also, chili is cheap! It’s summer and you’ve got better ways to spend your money right now. Load your chili up with well-priced in-season vegetables, go heavy on inexpensive and protein-rich beans and lentils and use whichever meat is on sale this week. It’s a meal that won’t break the bank, which means more cash for waterpark admission fees and full coolers for days spent at the beach.

And chili is perfect for summer cooking because you don’t have to turn the oven on. You can put a bunch of ingredients in a pot and leave it alone — no standing over a hot stove when the humidex is going nuts. You can even make chili in a slow cooker and avoid your stove altogether.

Most importantly of all, chili makes a great topping for the hot dogs you’ll be cooking on the grill or over the fire on summer evenings. So check out these 28 chili recipes and rethink your idea of great summer meals.

28 Chili Recipes