07/18/2016 11:24 EDT

Craven Country Jamboree Attendee Under Investigation After Kitten Set On Fire

craven country jamboree cat

This kitten was rescued from a music festival in Craven, Sask. (Photo: Craven Country Jamboree)

CRAVEN, Sask. — RCMP in Saskatchewan have laid animal cruelty charges against two people after a kitten was burned at a country music festival.

An RCMP news release said the Mounties received a complaint on Saturday about an animal being abused at a campsite at the Craven Country Jamboree.

They said when they arrived, they found a kitten, and took the animal to the TM'z Veterinary Clinic in Lumsden, Sask.

A man and a male youth have been charged under the Animal Protection Act of causing distress and injury to an animal.

They are to appear in court in Regina on Sept. 19.

Police are not releasing their names.

Kitten was burned

The clinic posted an update on Sunday saying the kitten — which staff have named "Jamboree'' — had burns on her body but is doing well and is comfortable.

"She is doing very well and was so comfy on her pain medications that she was chowing down on a meal late tonight,'' the post from just before 1 a.m. on Sunday stated.

"She is being treated with compassion and care at TM'z.''

The festival posted a video statement on Facebook, saying the person suspected of the alleged cruelty was evicted from the festival grounds.

The statement said the kitten will become the official mascot of the jamboree and will be adopted by someone from the festival.

A picture of the kitten, taken by festival staff and posted to Facebook, shows it drinking from a bowl.

A number of people responded to the clinic's social media posts with outrage, and even an offer to pay for the kitten's medical expenses.

The amount of interest in the story appeared to catch the festival's marketing director by surprise, noting there are other cases of animal cruelty that are far worse.

"At the end of the day, it's really surprising to me that anyone is interested based on the photo,'' Kim Blevins said in a interview.

"The cat came out with singed whiskers and a little bit of hair on her head.''

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