07/18/2016 12:05 EDT | Updated 08/05/2016 11:59 EDT

5 Ways To Take Back Your Evenings And Weekends

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Chilling with a good book

Making time for the most important person in your life -- you -- is essential for overall health and well-being. But sometimes life gets in the way: work piles up, the kids need a drive to practice, and the household chore list gets unbelievably long. On top of it all, the aches from inflammation and joint pain can prevent you from enjoying the much sought-after evenings and weekends. In partnership with Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gel, we’ve rounded up five effective ways to take back your life.


Put Personal Time In Your Calendar

Dedicate time for yourself and treat it as you would a meeting with your boss. This means you have to show up and be punctual. Excuse yourself from whatever you're doing and treat this appointment with as much respect as a meeting with other participants. Need more motivation? Charge yourself a missed-appointment fee as your doctor does and donate the funds to a worthy cause or to pay off debt.


Shut Off Your Smartphone

You know how it goes: you hear that familiar ping and before you know it, hours have passed and you’re glued to your phone responding to emails. Set your device on airplane mode and put it aside. You will be amazed at how much time you gain. Bonus: The light from tablets and phones can be energizing so switching them off by a certain time each evening may help you unwind and sleep better.

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Work Out

You only have one body so treat it well and you'll reap the rewards. Exercise will get your heart pumping and relieve stress, ultimately allowing you to function at your best in the long term. To that end, you can treat that workout time as me-time. Instead of viewing it as laborious task, think of it as a treat to yourself and your well-being.

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Partner Up

If you want to spend your personal time with a partner or friends, making a commitment to devote an hour or two with each other is an effective method. It’s harder to back out of something when there is more than yourself involved.

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Practice Meditation

Improved mood and lower stress levels are just two of the benefits of meditation, and learning this practice will allow you to be more in the moment. As you improve with your practice, you may find an increased focus in thought which will then help you live life more calmly and effectively.

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