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10 Healthy Filipino Ingredients To Add To Your Meals

You might already be using a few of them!

Filipino food has a reputation for being sweet and sour, but according to Chef Myrna Segismundo, author of "Philippine Cuisine - Home-cooked Recipes Wherever You May Be," it can be healthy too.

The asian cuisine, which is typically rich in meat and fish, is a fusion of flavours from Spanish, Chinese, Malay and American cuisines. And because the country is split across more than 7,000 islands, the flavours vary everywhere you go.

"One can eat his way through the country and discover varied dishes, oddly familiar yet also different," Segismundo tells The Huffington Post Canada.

Filipino pantry staples often include vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce and oils. And since most dishes are saucy and soupy, rice is served as a side. But starch aside, Filipino food is also often loaded with vegetables and leafy greens.

In the slideshow below, Chef Segismundo shares a handful of healthy ingredients that are also found in Filipino foods. From coconut water to malunggay or moringa leaves, these ingredients are already found in many classic Filipino dishes, and can also be added to foods you make every day.

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