07/18/2016 12:21 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 03:59 EDT

Maxime Bernier Favours Free-Trade Deal With China

OTTAWA — Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier is coming out in favour of a free-trade deal with China.

Bernier said today he believes Canada would emerge a winner in any such agreement and be able to increase its exports by $7.7 billion a year.

The Quebec-based MP acknowledges possible shortcomings in China's human-rights record but says a trade deal would put Canada in a position to raise the issue.

maxime bernier Maxime Bernier speaks in the House of Commons. (Photo: CP)

Since announcing his bid to replace Stephen Harper, Bernier has come out in favour of ditching the supply management system that currently governs milk, eggs and poultry.

He has also endorsed the privatization of Canada Post and believes the two positions will help him in his fundraising drive.

The other leadership candidates so far are Kellie Leitch, Michael Chong, Tony Clement and Deepak Obhrai.

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