07/18/2016 04:22 EDT | Updated 07/18/2016 04:59 EDT

Playland Bumper Car Reminds Us To Have Fun This Summer

Many of us are still toiling away inside air-conditioned offices or sweating it out in opposite conditions. But let's not forget to embrace some fun somehow.

The people at Playland amusement park wanted to remind everyone of just that when they dispatched a bumper car into the streets of downtown Vancouver recently.

From the city's seawall to cruising the bike lanes, the rogue bumper car did typical Vancouver things.

Like trying to park next to a Ferrari.

"Vancouver has this reputation as a no-fun city, but we don’t think that’s true," said Playland marketing director Kim Madu in a news release. “So much fun happens at Playland every day, so we just wanted to take a little piece of the park and spread the fun around a bit."

Driven by Vancouver comedian Ivan Decker, the bumper car was a surprising, welcome dose of summer.

Playland is Canada's oldest amusement park and is open through September.

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