07/18/2016 04:52 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 01:59 EDT

Pokemon Go Has A Lot Of Churches Marked As In-Game Spots, And They're Loving It

Plenty of real-world establishments are listed as points of interest in the massively popular Pokemon Go.

Restaurants, universities, strip clubs, and even graveyards are designated as "Pokestops" in the game. Players can catch and battle Pokemon or score in-game items at these locations.

A lot of churches are marked, too — and they're taking the opportunity and running with it.

Twitter users have been sharing images of church signs embracing their newfound digital popularity. One sign tells players to "Pokemon Go pray."

Another proclaims, "Come for Pokemon, stay for Jesus."

Check out more of the signs below:

One church in Edmonton sees the game as an opportunity to meet new people, according to Metro Edmonton.

“Whether or not people stop and ask questions about faith, that’s another thing, but it’s a moment where we can engage," Mark Chiang, a minister, told the paper.

Another church in the UK saw an influx of players when the game was released, BBC reports.

"Church... needs to be a celebration and fun and Pokemon can be fun, so bring it on," Reverend Sulin Milne told the broadcaster.

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