07/19/2016 02:40 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 02:59 EDT

Moncton Couple Told To Call 911 From Hospital Parking Lot

MONCTON, N.B. — A New Brunswick woman says she has filed a complaint after a hospital told her to call an ambulance even though she drove her ailing husband right up to the emergency room doors.

Candy Price of Riverview, N.B., says she drove her husband, Scott Macdonald, to the Moncton Hospital on July 13 with crippling back pain.

Price says Macdonald was unable to sit or walk, was sweating profusely and was wailing in pain.

Paramedics in disbelief

She says when they arrived at the hospital, she went inside to find help but was told by a nurse and security guard that she needed to call 911 so paramedics could bring Macdonald into the hospital.

Price says the paramedics who attended the scene appeared to be in disbelief that they were called upon to help the man from the vehicle and through the doors of the hospital just metres away.

The couple say they have filed a complaint to the local authority, Horizon Health, which didn't immediately return a request for comment on Tuesday.

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