25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Silver Anniversary

Definitely go traditional for this one.

Modern and traditional gift lists have different ideas about what you should gift your spouse for a particular anniversary.

First anniversary? Clocks… or paper. A fifth anniversary can be wood, if you’re traditional; silverware, if your tastes skew more modern. Fourteenth? You can go with gold jewelry or animals — but don't get your spouse a pet unless you've already discussed it.

When it comes to the 25th anniversary, there’s no debate: go with silver. Not called the silver anniversary for nothing, a celebration of 25 married years deserves to be commemorated with something nice — even if it’s not technically sterling.

Think of items that are enduring, like the relationship itself, and that fit both your tastes. After all, you’re celebrating what you've accomplished together over more than two decades.

Here are 25 ideas for that 25th anniversary present, in a variety of price ranges and styles.

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas