07/20/2016 07:10 EDT | Updated 07/20/2016 09:59 EDT

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Twitter Account Mistaken For Republican National Convention

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. — The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is getting some unwanted Twitter attention from an unexpected source — Donald Trump.

The American Republican National Convention is being confused with the constabulary, sending a lot of traffic to the force's twitter feed.

The police force — which shares an acronym with the convention — has been on the receiving end of criticism about Trump's presidential candidacy.

The force added the word 'police' to its RNC name after people began directing their views condemning Trump to the force's feed.

In response, the constabulary tweeted back: "We have nothing to do with @realDonaldTrump. We're a Canadian police service in Newfoundland and Labrador."

It added the hashtag 'CanadaEh,' prompting one Twitter user to post a picture of Trump wearing a constabulary hat. (VOCM)