07/20/2016 01:23 EDT | Updated 07/20/2016 06:59 EDT

Cory Ray Steeves, Vancouver Teacher, Disciplined For Showing Students 'I'm On A Boat' Video

He was ordered to take a course on "respectful professional boundaries."

A B.C. teacher who showed students a video with vulgar lyrics by a comedy group was suspended without pay for five days.

Last fall, Vancouver teacher Cory Ray Steeves played a Grade 10 class "I'm On A Boat," a music video by The Lonely Island. The song, which features auto-tune aficionado and artist T-Pain, was released in 2009. It parodies several aspects of rap videos.

In a conflict resolution agreement posted in June, the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch found that the song consists "primarily of profanity."

It disciplined Steeves for professional misconduct, contrary to standards set out for teachers in the province.

(You can watch the video, which does indeed contain profanity, embedded below.)

A screengrab from The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat" shows comedian Andy Samberg, oddly enough, on a boat.

Steeves used the clip in a lesson on satire in music videos for a Grade 12 class as well, according to the provincial office. He told students it could be offensive, however, and that anyone who wanted to leave the class could do so.

Another video by DJs Duck Sauce, called "Big Bad Wolf," was also shown to students. The regulation branch said the video "depicts different people with human heads as their genitalia."

Steeves served his suspension in December and was ordered to take a course on professional boundaries.

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