07/21/2016 03:33 EDT | Updated 07/21/2016 03:59 EDT

Adele Stops By Vancouver-Based Cat Cafe

There's no denying Adele knows how to rock a cool cat eye, but this week it appears an actual cat managed to catch her eye.

The Grammy-winning singer stopped by Vancouver's Catfe, a cat-themed cafe that doubles as an adoption centre for felines, on Tuesday evening for some kitty cuddles with her young son.

"I didn't recognize her quite at first, and so I told her 'no we're full' and my coworker was about to tell her she looks like Adele when she told us she is Adele," Catfe "purrista" Leona Morrison told Global News.

The singer asked no photos be taken of her, but that didn't stop the cafe from announcing their special guest on social media.

"We were delighted by a visit from the lovely and talented Adele this evening, who will be performing at Rogers Arena this week," the caption read. "Adele was starstruck by our guy Larry, and became an instant fan of this incredible furry sweetheart. 😻"

According to Morrison, Adele spent most of her 10 minutes in the shop with one-year-old Larry, a former stray Tabby who was adopted on Thursday.

Another cat who caught the 28-year-old singer's attention was Darla, another one-year-old cat who strolled up to singer.

The two felines later cozied up together for their own photo op.

Since Adele's visit, the cafe has garnered plenty of attention for its adoptable pets. They even created an Adele and Larry-inspired music video featuring other cats available for adoption.

If all the good press leads to loads of adoptions, it could result in the cafe having to close down again. The catfe temporarily shutdown in January after all of their cats were adopted.

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