07/21/2016 12:43 EDT | Updated 07/21/2016 12:59 EDT

Manitoba Storm Cuts Off Power For Thousands

Stormy weather in Manitoba Wednesday led to a stunning sight for one videographer.

Rob Radcliffe, who lives in Hartney, Man., shot footage of twin tornadoes snaking through the sky just as a storm started brewing around 5 p.m. local time.

"I set up in what appeared to be the most logical place for action and it paid off," he told The Huffington Post Canada via Twitter.

He said the twisters were about 400 metres apart, and the action he saw lasted for about 13 minutes.

Twin tornadoes aren't quite as rare as meteorologists once thought, but still spectacular.

While Radcliffe said he only saw minimal crop damage, other parts of Manitoba didn't escape unscathed.

The massive storm cut off power for thousands in the province and brought lashing winds.

In Winnipeg, one side of the Parkway Plaza condo building was ripped off. Seven floors worth of condos were drenched with water and some of the mostly elderly residents had to evacuate, according to The Canadian Press.

Len Bakalinsky, who lives in the building, told CBC News that he heard a "big bang" and then "all hell broke loose."

Josephine D'Andrea, another resident, told The Canadian Press that there was a "fair amount of damage" on the roof of the building.

Many reported seeing the sky over Winnipeg turn green before the city was hit with high winds, heavy rain and intense lightning.

Users took to social media to share their images and videos of the storm:

Environment Canada received several reports of tornadoes touching down, and at least one was confirmed in Hartney, according to CTV News.

The storms come after several days of hot and humid weather in the region.

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