07/21/2016 10:33 EDT | Updated 07/21/2016 10:59 EDT

Zara Accused Of Plagiarism By Indie Illustrator Tuesday Bassen

Zara is being accused of stealing an independent artist's work.

Illustrator Tuesday Bassen went public on social media and accused the fast fashion retailer of ripping off her designs.

The L.A.-based artist creates ceramic pins and patches which she sells through her own online store as well as through a few retailers, such as Nasty Gal.

In the last year, Bassen had several people tip her off to several products from Zara and its sister brands that looked similar her pieces.

She posted pictures comparing her work and Zara's products, along with an excerpt from a letter Bassen says she received from her lawyer, when she sought compensation from the Spanish retailer.

The retailer rejected her claims, arguing that the designs weren't distinctive enough to be widely attributed to her.

I've been pretty quiet about this, until now. Over the past year, @zara has been copying my artwork (thanks to all that have tipped me off--it's been a lot of you). I had my lawyer contact Zara and they literally said I have no base because I'm an indie artist and they're a major corporation and that not enough people even know about me for it to matter. I plan to further press charges, but even to have a lawyer get this LETTER has cost me $2k so far. 〰 It sucks and it's super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine. ⚡️ EDIT: Some of you are asking how you can help. Repost and tag them, on Twitter, on Insta, on Facebook. I don't want to have to burden any of you with the financial strain that comes with lawsuits.

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The independent artist has collaborated with brands Urban Outfitters, Adidas and Nike, but she says Zara reproduced similar designs "against [her] wishes and without any compensation."

Fellow designer Adam J. Kurtz compiled a list of 12 other independent artists, himself included, who he believes have also been copied by Zara and other brands under its parent company Inditex.

The high street brand's parent company, Inditex, issued the following statement:

"Inditex has the utmost respect for the individual creativity of all artists and designers and takes all claims concerning third-party intellectual property rights very seriously. [Inditex] immediately opened an investigation into the matter and suspended the relevant items from sale," the statement reads.

"Inditex's legal team is also in contact with Tuesday Bassen's lawyers to clarify and resolve the situation as swiftly as possible."

Bassen added on Twitter that she is pursuing her lawsuit not only for her, but other artists who have dealt with a similar situation, but did not have the means to legally stand up for themselves.

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