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Unholy Douchebag Interrupts CTV Vancouver Report With 'FHRITP' Prank

What a sad man.

A sad man interrupted a CTV journalist's report with an even sadder prank in Vancouver.

Sarah MacDonald was reporting about a group of Pokemon Go players in downtown Robson Square on Thursday when the husk of a man wormed his way next to her.

UPDATE: This is a bizarre clarification to make, but the person in this video seems to be saying "f**k her right in the Pokeballs" and not "f**k her right in the p****."

In a CTV News Vancouver clip, embedded above, the portrait of misery can be seen saying "f**k her right in the Pokeballs" before MacDonald swats him and he slithers away.

MacDonald said in a tweet that she filed a police report on the incident. Vancouver police are now investigating.

During Thursday's incident, MacDonald's ear piece was also ripped off her blazer and out of her ear as the unidentified man hurriedly left.

When confronted by MacDonald's cameraman a few moments later, he said he had taken the video for Snapchat.

Vancouver police spokesman Randy Fincham said that while jumping in front of the camera isn't a criminal offence in itself, assault is.

"If you go to the length of assaulting a cameraperson (or) a reporter, then criminal charges _ if they're appropriate _ we will look at that,'' he said.

Hecklers interrupt live TV reports

For some unholy reason, "FHRITP" pranks continue to exist. In April, another garbage person yelled the trash phrase at Anna Vlachos, a City News reporter.

Shauna Hunt, also a reporter with the channel, had a similar experience in 2015. She confronted one of her hecklers, Shawn Simoes, on live television.

Simoes got fired from his job once he was identified, but then was re-hired six months later.

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