07/26/2016 03:29 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 11:59 EDT

The Best And Worst Canadian Provinces For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Congratulations Saskatchewaners — if a zombie apocalypse breaks out you've got it made.

Saskatchewan is the safest province to wait out a zombie apocalypse, according to U.S. real estate site Estately.

The blog ranked each Canadian region by five criteria:

  • Fewest people per square mile
  • Gun owners per capita
  • Percentage of people who are cremated instead of buried
  • Percentage of people who are physically active
  • Amount of zombie knowledge

The prairie safe haven ranked third on the list of Canada's provinces and territories, falling just behind Yukon and the Northwest Territories. But we're going to say Saskatchewan gets a slight edge for being warmer (contending with both polar bears and zombies seems pretty rough).

Plus, if society has collapsed, it's a good place to start a farming colony, and you can see approaching undead for miles.

zombie survival map

Western Canada fared much better than Eastern Canada, so if the dead start rising from their graves, you know what direction to head.

According to the list, Prince Edward Island residents have the least chance of surviving, but we're willing to bet the blog didn't take into account that zombies likely can't swim.

Luckily, Canadians as a whole have better luck than our neighbours to the south. Estately put together a similar study looking at U.S. states, and found the safest states bordered Canada.

Here's the full list, ranked from most to least likely to survive:

zombie survival provinces

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