07/26/2016 11:02 EDT | Updated 07/26/2016 11:59 EDT

Naheed Nenshi Apologizes For Rant Against Uber


Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has again apologized for comments he made about the ride-hailing service Uber while hitching a lift with a competitor in Boston.

Nenshi says he's thought a lot about what he said, concluding he's "made a mistake and learned an important lesson.''

Nenshi has said he was unaware his comments were being livestreamed when he suggested that Calgary city officials had sent registered sex offenders and people with convictions for violent crimes to see if they could get through Uber's background checks.

On Monday, Nenshi said in his statement that those comments were "inaccurate,'' adding that whether he thinks a conversation is private or not, he shouldn't have said what he did.

The apology comes on the heels of Integrity Commissioner Allen Sulatycky's report into the incident.

Sulatycky didn't suggest sanctions against Nenshi, but did call for an apology for what he called "enthusiastically indulging in some extravagant hyberbole.''

"Specifically, I want to apologize for making comments that may have led citizens to become uneasy or suspicious of the conduct of city employees,'' said Nenshi.

"My colleagues at The City of Calgary come to work every single day with a goal to make life better for the citizens of this city. The people who work at The City are professionals who work with integrity and respect.''


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