07/26/2016 06:05 EDT | Updated 07/26/2016 06:59 EDT

Summer Hairstyles 2016: The Best Styles For Girls With Short Hair

For many girls, short hair in the summer can be the biggest beauty blessing of them all.

Unlike some of your friends who are complaining that their long hair is just too damn hot and heavy, you're feeling the summer breeze on your shoulders and enjoying that extra summer bounce. You're happy about how manageable (and trendy) your hair is in the heat — just leave it free flowing and let it do its thing.

But this summer is a season that calls for trying new things. Your short hair doesn't care about the easy road. It wants to be daring and try out new hairstyles to keep it looking fresh and totally cute in the blistering heat.

So calling all girls with short hair! Here are 15 hairstyles you NEED to try before heading out into the sunshine:

Beachy Waves

Side Braids

Deep side parts

Use a headscarf

Box braid lob

Half-up top knot

Double top knot

Waterfall braid

Middle part

Big bouncy curls

Tapered Fro

Short in the back, long in the front

Low bun

High ponytail

Dutch braids

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