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Actor Who Played Young Severus Snape Is Now A Total Babe

What a hottie.

With "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" coming out this weekend, we're on a bit of a Hogwarts high, and now we have even more reason to celebrate: the hotness that is Benedict Clarke.

Who? Oh, just young Severus Snape, that's who!

At just 15 years old, the young British actor appeared in the 2011 film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," during a pivotal scene where Harry visits Snape's memories.

The memories show Harry his mother Lily was actually best friends with Snape when they were children, but Snape, who was in love with Lily, was left heartbroken when she ended up dating and eventually marrying Harry's father, James. This is why, we find out, Snape has always disliked Harry but always loved Lily until the day he died. (Sob!)

So, this is what Clarke looked like as young Severus:

And this is what he looks like now:

A photo posted by Ben O.D. Clarke (@bodc) on

“This is not an attractive photograph but it’s the Rocky fuckin’ Mountains, so,” Clarke captioned the pic. (Erm, incorrect. You are gorgeous.)

Since filming "Deathly Hallows," the actor has appeared in three short films including "Awkward Facade," and "In the Wake of Sirens."

The young actor has also talked about his mentor, the late Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape throughout the series.

"I told him I was terrified that my nose was far too small for the part," Clarke said in an interview with Sky News. "And [Rickman] said, 'Don't worry, my nose was exactly the same size as yours when I was your age.'" He continued, "I'm not sure [that' was true but at the moment at that time it was very important to me."

We miss you, Alan!

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