07/29/2016 09:45 EDT | Updated 07/29/2016 09:59 EDT

Chelsea Clinton Speech Reveals Beautiful First Memory Of Her Mom

"I'm here as a proud American. A proud Democrat. A proud mother. And tonight in particular, a very, very proud daughter." That's how Chelsea Clinton kicked off her speech on Thursday night to introduce her mom at the Democratic convention. And it only got better from there.

Chelsea talked about her mom, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as a doting grandmother to her two-year-old daughter Charlotte and five-week-old son Aidan.

"Every day I spend as Charlotte and Aidan's mother, I think of my own mother," Chelsea said with a bright smile. "My wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious mother."

The 36-year-old then revealed a sweet memory.

"My earliest memory is my mom picking me up after I'd fallen down, giving me a big hug and reading me 'Goodnight Moon.' From that moment to this one, every single memory I have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for me."

And, of course, mom couldn't have been more touched by her daughter's beautiful words.

So proud.

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