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Harry Potter Names: Top 10 Spell-Binding Handles For Super Fans

Because who actually names their kid Albus Severus?

Names have power. Knowing this, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling bestowed characters in her sprawling universe with names as uniquely meaningful as their wands. Loaded with significance, Rowling often hinted what a character's true intentions were just by name alone.

Muggles who grew up with the boy who lived are now making little witches and wizards of their own. So naming your kid after the characters who enchanted your childhood is as close as you'll get to enrolling your offspring into Hogwarts.

Many parents are already on the magical trend. The names Harry, Hermione, Luna, Draco, and Lucius are on the rise, reports Moose Roots.

So long as you aren't living in northwest Mexico, where it's illegal to name someone after Harry Potter, these Harry Potter inspired names will ensure your kid's Hogwarts acceptance letter is an owl away.


The dreamy Ravenclaw herself, Luna Lovegood embodied a very different kind of Hogwarts student. Like a magical Jaden Smith, she would truthbomb the golden trio with obscure references and sage advice before departing to chill with nargles.

Latin for moon, her name suggests an affinity for mysterious wisdom, female intuition, and of course, magic. A child named after Luna could be no trouble at all if she inherited her laidback nature and love for possibly imaginary creatures.

Hopefully, she would also get Luna's unwavering loyalty. She seemed spacey to most, but the oddball witch was a kind-hearted friend to Harry and bravely fought alongside him against Death Eaters. Following the Wizarding War, Lovegood happily married the grandson of Newt Scamander, who will be the protagonist in upcoming spinoff "Fantastics Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Her actress is equally tenacious. Evanna Lynch was a voracious reader of the Harry Potter books. As she struggled with anorexia at a young age, she found comfort in magic. She stood in line for autographed books long before she battled thousands of girls for the role of Lovegood.


One-third of the golden trio, Hermione Granger was repeatedly described as the brightest witch of her generation. It's no wonder, considering her name's origin.

Hermione comes from the Greek god Hermes, a quick-witted deity who was organized enough to relay messages and lead people into the Underworld.

As a name that's a very clear Harry Potter reference, a child named Hermione would get instant kudos from fellow diehard fans. But for those not in the magical know, the name can be as tongue-twisting as Wingardium Leviosa. Before Emma Watson portrayed her in the big screen, the old-fashioned name puzzled readers and one-time amour Viktor Krum, who learned that it's pronounced "her-my-own-knee."

Parents naming their kids after Hermione are getting major props from Rowling, who's known to retweet fans' baby tributes.


Seamus Finnegan was a Gryffindor with a penchant for explosives and hanging out with bestie Dean Thomas. You might better remember him for this "half-and-half" gem from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

As a fairly common Irish name, naming your kid Seamus would be a very indirect nod. Still, keep a watchful eye when your Seamus uses a microwave...


Much ado was made about Remus Lupin's werewolf secret in Harry Potter's third year, but for readers versed in Latin and French, it was pretty easy to figure out.

Remeus was the name of one of Rome's mythical cofounders, who was raised by wolves. Lupin means wolf in French. Rowling had practically named him Wolf McWolfson.

Since Remeus Lupin was always referred to as Lupin, naming a child Remeus would be far more subtler than it was in the series.


We know she was basically the Harley Quinn of the Wizarding World and killed her cousin the beloved Sirius Black, but hear us out. As with all of the Black family, she's named after a star or constellation. The star Bellatrix is the third brightest in the constellation Orion.

Bellatrix stems from the Latin words "bellum" and "trix." Bellum means war, with trix associated with women. Literally meaning "warrior woman," a child named after Bellatrix would sure as hell know how to stand up for herself.

Raise baby Bellatrix away from any no-good noseless overlords, and you should be good.


Once a cowardly first year who everyone hexed, Neville Longbottom became one of the best characters in the series. He showed his Gryffindor colours in the Battle of Hogwarts by beheading Voldemort's pet serpent Nagini with a thousand-year-old sword.

The name Neville was originally a French surname that meant "new town." Longbottom, while immediately pretty hilarious, might reference something far more impressive: bottom used to be synonymous with "gravitas," which would suggest Neville has staying power. Anyone named after him would be a gentle giant who shouldn't be underestimated.


Even if you know nothing about him, the name Kingsley Shacklebolt oozes boss vibes. Someone named Kingsley Shacklebolt is not to be messed with. A member of the Order of the Phoenix, Shacklebolt took over as Minister of Magic after the Battle of Hogwarts. His leadership led to pureblood discrimination against muggleborns to diminish. Taking on the name Kingsley would be a gentle nudge to your child that greatness amidst adversity is doable.

Kingsley comes from Old English for a king's meadow or woods. The top wiz shares his name with popular vlogger King Russell.


As Robert Pattinson swayed teenage girls in the "Twilight" saga, he was inducing sobbing fits in Potterheads with his portrayal of Hufflepuff prefect Cedric Diggory. He was well-liked across all four houses, somehow being both the most popular guy in Hogwarts and someone who strove for fairness.

A child named after Cedric wouldn't have a staggering reputation to live up to, considering Diggory's short-lived tenure at Hogwarts. People might also think you're really into Cedric the Entertainer, so there's that, too.

Fred And George

Having twins? These mischief makers spelled double trouble for anyone gullible enough to fall for their pranks and probably gave their mom countless headaches with their "Gred and Forge" act. If you can put up with Weasley antics, Fred and George are your best bet for twin names that'll endear them to everybody.


This one's a no-brainer. As the boy who lived, Harry was already legendary from his infancy. Your kid's got big robes to fill.

(Dis)honourable mentions


Draco is Latin for "dragon" and is a constellation that influenced how the Egyptian pyramids were built. Although it sounds wickedly cool, naming a kid after Draco Malfoy would carry negative connotations. When the Slytherin fan favourite was not catching golden snitches and bullying others, he was snitching to his dad Lucius about Hogwarts shenanigans. So be wary of raising a spoiled git.

Not all of his namesakes were good guys either. The term "draconian" stems from an Ancient Greek scribe who handed out severe punishments for minor offences.

Albus Severus

Cute (and cursed) kid, but everyone hates the name Harry Potter gave his middle son.

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