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Alanis Morissette's Ottawa Condo On Sale For A Non-Ironic $989K

The condo is near the city’s prestigious Sussex Drive.

Alanis Morissette, Canada’s angst-ridden musical star of the 1990s, is selling her condo in Ottawa.

(Photo: Engel + Volkers)

The listing from Engel + Volkers for this two-bedroom, one-bath condo in downtown Ottawa, near the city’s prestigious Sussex Drive, doesn’t mention the apartment’s famous current occupant.

But as music mag Exclaim has reported and as HuffPost Canada has confirmed, this is indeed the hometown base of the singer who brought us hits such as "You Oughta Know," "Ironic," "Thank U" and many others.

(Photo: Engel + Volkers)

Morissette has been an Ottawa resident at least since the days when she was known simply as “Alanis” and was belting out pop tunes like “Too Hot.”

She has apparently owned the condo since back in her heyday — it appears in this episode of MTV’s “Cribs” from the 1990s.

But the two-bedroom condo may not be big enough for her anymore; with the birth of her baby girl in June, she now has two children.

(Photo: Engel + Volkers)

The asking price is $989,000, which — if you’re from Toronto or Vancouver — might seem like a bargain for a rock star’s home.

But in Ottawa, where the average condo goes for $264,000, that is indeed a rock star price.

(Photo: Engel + Volkers)

The condo boasts a view of the Ottawa River and is located walking distance from Parliament Hill, the National Art Gallery and the city’s bouncing ByWard Market district.

In the “Cribs” segment, Morissette said the apartment reflected her love for “all things Asian.” She decorated the apartment with shrines to the Buddha and other eastern religious symbols.

(Photo: Engel + Volkers)

Her stereo was built into the stepped cabinet in the picture above, which she described as a “quintessential Japanese, Chinese cabinet.”

The place is certainly not for the short of cash: The maintenance fees alone on the property will run you $1,575 a month.

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