08/03/2016 04:17 EDT | Updated 08/03/2016 04:59 EDT

These Pokemon Makeup Looks Are Taking Over The Beauty World

No one playing Pokemon GO has caught 'em all yet (except this guy, apparently), but makeup gurus have already found the whole damn Pokedex with their faces.

Inspired by the game, these trainers are evolving themselves to look like their favourite creatures and teams.

They're painting their lips to look like Pokémon.

Other looks are inspired by Eevee, which can evolve into different types of Pokemon.

Most favour the gilled water-type Vaperon:

A photo posted by Sarah (@geek_chic_studio) on

Some stick to the old school starters, like Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

A photo posted by @smallbeautygram on

And of course, you can't forget to rep your team.

A photo posted by Willow (@bateslikescosplay) on

A photo posted by Niamh Mahdavi (@nuvquemakeup) on

Drag performers are joining in on the fun.

A photo posted by Kevin/LOL (@femmasculine) on

Some makeup looks aren't in the mobile game yet, like the cute egg Pokemon Togepi.

A photo posted by Tabbz 😼 (@sailortabbycat) on

One person even wore a Pokemon who's not supposed to exist.

A photo posted by JolteonFan (@jolteonfan) on

Instagram user JolteonFan wore MissingNo., a Pokémon glitch, on her face.

And for some reason, truly terrifying Pikachus have cropped up.

A photo posted by MakeupByKate (@katesulcova) on

A photo posted by Tali Goemans (@_talia_xoxox) on

But hey, at least this one is cute!

A photo posted by Alessa Berry (@alessaberry) on

Besides that though, thanks for the nightmares, Instagram.

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