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Australian Beauty Vlogger Stephanie Lange Cuts Off Her Hair To Stick On Her Eyebrows

A new form of eyebrow extensions, we guess?

YouTube beauty vloggers: we love them because they're willing to go where no other human being has gone before. All in the name of beauty.

Case in point? Stephanie Lange.

In her latest YouTube video, the Australian beauty does something quite strange. She gives herself eyebrow extensions — using her own hair.

Umm, WUT?!

That's right. In the video "Cutting My Hair Off To Stick On As EYEBROWS!?" which you can watch above, Lange, a victim of over-plucking as a teenager, shows us how she was able to transform her non-existent brows into luscious, Cara Delevingne-esque brows.

She begins by explaining how she has literally tried "everything" to get fuller looking brows, including growth serums and brow tattooing. But Lange says that nothing really worked to give her that natural result she wanted.

However, one day, after applying false lashes, Lange had an idea.

"What if I could put false lashes on my eyebrows as eyebrow hairs? "Not the entire strips themselves, but the tiny individual hairs? ... But then I got the bright idea of snipping off some of my own hair and sticking them to my face as eyebrows!" Lange explains in the video.

Yes, Lange notes that she is "crazy" and the idea is "ridiculous," but of course she was willing to try. And here we are with a YouTube tutorial...

First, Lange eyes her split ends and chops them off.

Using tweezers, Lange grabs the tiny little hairs, dips them in semi-permanent false lash glue and sticks them on her brow arch. Be warned that this step is time consuming.

We admit, during the application, we were skeptical. We thought, "Nope this won't work," but damn, we were wrong.

Lets take a look at Stephanie before...

And after...

These are some salon-worthy eyebrow extensions!

If you want to give this DIY beauty treatment a try, but don't like the sounds of cutting off your own hair (we don't blame you), hair extensions are also an option.

As for us? We'll just stick to filling in our eyebrows the old-fashioned way... with our favourite eyebrow products.

Thanks for taking one for the team, Stephanie!

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