08/05/2016 08:57 EDT | Updated 08/06/2016 01:59 EDT

Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Bikes Were Straight Up Whimsical

Just magnificent.

Bike envy is real, you guys.

The Parade of Nations during the Olympic opening ceremony is the athletes' official grand entrance into the Games, with ushers leading teams in.

This year, those ushers rode bicycles into Rio's Maracana Stadium.

And if you ask us, these bad boys stole the show.

The chariots bikes were adorned with flowers, watering cans, planters, balloons, and horns (that probably came with a strict do-not-honk rule).

This one even got a bonus traffic cone.

Basically, you literally cannot look unhappy while riding this thing.

Werk, Cambodia.

And they didn't go unnoticed by the people at home.

Feel free to put these up on Ebay, Rio.

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