08/06/2016 11:36 EDT

Canadian Women's Soccer Team Had Their Own Olympic Opening Ceremony

Canada's women's soccer team couldn't make it to Rio, so they brought the ceremony to them.

Team Canada blazed through the 2016 Olympics opening ceremony Friday with a hefty squad of athletes, but about 21 ladies were missing from the lineup.

The Games had already begun for Canada's women's soccer team, who already defeated Australia 2-0, Wednesday in Sao Paulo.

Their next match against Zimbabwe was slated for Saturday in the same place, so they wound up staying in Sao Paulo rather than drive Rio de Janeiro for the ceremony, more than five hours away.

Rather than be left out of the festivities, the team grinned and made a stage of their own.

The ladies suited up in their sleek opening ceremony blazers, got in formation to watch the spectacle going on in Rio but first, they had a mini ceremony of their own at their hotel.

They grabbed a flag, had captain Christine Sinclair and midfielder Sophie Schmidt hold it up and they all belted "O Canada" as they marched through the hallway, before settling in a conference room to stream the official ceremony.

To be honest, they gave their fellow athletes a run for their money with these poses.

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