NBC Commentator Calls Canada 'America's Little Brother,' Canada Has Last Laugh

Who's 'America's little brother' now?

It doesn't seem to matter that we're bigger, sit higher on the globe and have better manners to boot, Canada can't seem to shake the title, "America's Little Brother."

Our sibling rivalry came to a head at the 2016 Rio Olympics men's volleyball match Sunday, when an NBC commentator continually referred to Team Canada by the not-so-endearing nickname.

We have a name, sir.

No, we're not rolling our eyes, they just got stuck on all the maple syrup at the back of our skulls.

Other Canadian viewers called the network out on Twitter, but by the end of the game, we got the last laugh.

Team Canada's volleyball team gifted all of us indignant Canucks with the sweetest revenge.

Despite Rio being the men's first trip to the Olympics since 1992, the Canadian team completely swept the U.S. volleyball team, winning all three sets against their "big brother" in the preliminaries.

And now the rest of us can bask in our "Why can't you be more like Canada?" moment.

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