Breastfeeding Problems: These Moms Are Keeping It Real

Teeth become your worst nightmare.

Motherhood is filled with all kinds of milestones, but one of the most beautiful of all is breastfeeding. However, just because nursing your baby is considered a magical bonding moment, doesn’t mean it’s always easy!

Just take a look at these #breastfeedingproblems from Instagram below. These moms are keeping it real.

Let's hope this cabbage helps my achey boobs! 😭😂😳 #breàstfeedingproblems

A photo posted by Sarah Schield (@sarahfitandchic) on

#breastmilk spray. It happens! from @mother_deer - 💦💦💦 #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeeding

A photo posted by Nurse & Pump - Pump Hands Free (@pumpstrap) on

Sure, scratch my face off, I don't need it 😂😏 #boobbaby #breàstfeedingproblems

A photo posted by Nikki Johnson Leverett (@shewhoshallnotbenamed90) on

Teeth!!! 😁💙 He's getting so big! Luckily it's not the top, yet! Lol #breàstfeedingproblems #teething

A photo posted by Megan Patterson💚🌟 (@itworks_meganp) on

Ouch. #breastfeedingproblems

A photo posted by Liz Shields (@lizshields93) on

🦁🐍🐙🐵 Can you tell what side he ate from last? 😕😂 #breàstfeedingproblems

A photo posted by Liz Shields (@lizshields93) on


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