Tech Innovations That Truly Blow Our Minds

These innovations are bound to change our lives forever. From the AOL Partner Studio
Scientists in empty warehouse with ladder standing next to DNA molecule made of balloons
Scientists in empty warehouse with ladder standing next to DNA molecule made of balloons

Scientists and engineers around the world are creating technologies that revolutionize the way we live. Their efforts make it easier for us to park our cars, buy our food and manage our schedules. In partnership with Ford Fusion, we found five innovations that truly blow our minds.


If you haven’t heard about the bitcoin, you soon will. The digital currency is gaining popularity by businesses and early adopters who see the potential of bitcoin replacing traditional forms of currency. In the near future, the technology will enable consumers to better control how their personal data is shared and monetized. While there still are concerns about security and privacy protection, bitcoin can be an easy-to-use way to exchange money.

The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT, is an emerging technology that allows smartphones, vehicles and household appliances to talk to each other through electronic software and sensors. The business and consumer potential of these interconnected devices is vast. Just think about the increasing number of smart watches and toys that interoperate and exchange data with your computers and smartphones.

Vehicle Parking Assist

This innovative technology makes the issue of parallel parking into tight spaces a thing of the past. Vehicle parking assist is a handy feature in some cars that helps drivers identify suitable parking spots and then guides them into it. Once drivers are wedged into a parallel parking space, a simple press of a button triggers system instructions on maneuvering the car back out. The future is now!

Pre-collision Assist With Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian safety is a key concern, especially with the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road. With this in mind, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection is a new technology designed by Ford to help reduce the severity of and, in some cases, even eliminate head-on collisions involving pedestrians. Using innovative radar and camera technology to scan the road ahead, the feature can detect a potential collision risk.

Artificial General Intelligence

“Thinking machines” are coming sooner than you think. When computer algorithm AlphaGo beat world champion Lee Sedol in the ancient Chinese board game Go in 2016, it represented a key milestone in the growth of artificial intelligence by proving that machines can compete with the human brain. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) refers to industrial technology that can potentially handle the same intellectual tasks a human can. Experts say that within decades these robots could speak to humans and be autonomously mobile.

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