08/09/2016 04:01 EDT | Updated 08/09/2016 04:59 EDT

Alberta Law Allowing Domestic Abuse Survivors To End Leases Early Takes Effect

The legislation passed unanimously late last year.


CALGARY — People fleeing domestic violence in Alberta can now end their leases early without financial penalty.

Calgary MLA Deborah Drever put forward a private member's bill last fall that aims to break down one of the major hurdles for many fleeing abuse.

The legislation passed unanimously late last year and, following months of consultations, the amendments to the province's Residential Tenancies Act are now in effect.

In order to break a tenancy agreement early, people must present their landlords with a certificate showing they are at risk.

To get a certificate, they must give the Human Services Ministry an emergency protection order, peace bond or statement from a certified professional, like a doctor, nurse, social worker or psychologist.

The province estimates about 60 to 100 certificates may be issued a year.

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