08/09/2016 06:19 EDT | Updated 08/10/2016 09:01 EDT

Olympic Diving Pool Turned Green And No One Knows Why

Everything's gone green!

Olympic divers found themselves plunging into a greener shade of water during Tuesday's events, and no one understands how that happened.

You see, this is what the pool inside the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre looked like on Sunday:

And this is what Canadian bronze medallists Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion dove into on Tuesday:

The water turned green sometime on Tuesday, and Olympic officials didn't immediately have any answers for why it happened.

A combination photo shows the Olympic diving venue pool on Aug. 9 in the morning (L) and the afternoon (R). (Photo: Michael Dalder/Reuters)

Meanwhile, the water in the neighbouring pool looked just fine.

Olympic diving bronze medallist Tom Daley was one of many to notice the difference:

While others made a joke out of the whole thing:

Global News reported on speculation that the pool turned green due to an algae buildup, which can result from low chlorine and lousy filtering.

It's not exactly a bay filled with sewage. But it's disconcerting nonetheless.

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