08/09/2016 05:21 EDT | Updated 08/09/2016 09:59 EDT

Scott Stinson, Canadian Journalist, Roasted In Rio After Complaining Of Small Coffee

"Our coffee is not bland like yours."

Canadian journalists covering the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro haven't held back their complaints about the country's food and drinks.

Last week, Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason showed just how long it takes to wait for a meal:

And Postmedia's Cam Cole noted how difficult it is to take money out of an ATM:

You can insult the long lines and the lack of banking machines all you want, but National Post columnist Scott Stinson learned the hard way that shaming Brazilian coffee is going a step too far.

Stinson tweeted this on Sunday, lamenting the small size of a coffee cup at the Games:

And that single tweet had locals pouncing.

Many pointed out that Brazilian coffee is simply stronger than what you'll find in North America:

Others joked at his (and North America's) expense:

And others seemed personally offended:

Stinson even became the subject of a BuzzFeed story:

But at least he kept a good sense of humour about the whole thing:

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