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What Astrology Says About These Potential Celebrity Couples

It's written in the stars.

Pretend celebrity couples. It's one of our favourite games when we want a certain celeb to date a fellow celeb, even if we know it would probably never happen IRL. (But we dream...)

So, since we might never see the below couples hook up (or get back together) we turned to astrology to find out: Would our dream teams be star-struck or star-crossed?

Read on below to see what's in the stars for these stars (and yes, some of these celebs have already dated but we just want to see if they should get back together):

Drake and Rihanna (dating on and off)

Star-Struck: Drake is an intense Scorpio, which is a good fit for Rihanna's heartfelt Pisces. Both are water signs who operate on a highly emotional level, where feelings rule. These two signs have a shared, intuitive sense of empathy and compassion for each other, verging at times on a happy co-dependence. Rihanna's Moon finds stability and surprise through harmonious contacts with Drake's Mars, Saturn and Uranus. He has the rare ability to bring excitement to her world, while always making her feel safe and secure.

Star-Crossed: Drake's laid-back Cancer Moon is at odds with Rihanna's Moon in the highly demanding sign of Aries. At the end of the day, Drake just wants a simple girl, who is happy chilling out at home, surrounded by family, while Rihanna is fueled by glitz and glamour. She could find him kind but too domesticated, and he could be turned off by her high-maintenance need to seek out the spotlight. Moreover, Drake's Mars is in square with Rihanna's domineering Pluto. He is not one to roll over and obey her orders, and the more she tries to take control, the more he rebels. That won't stop Rihanna from trying, however.

Verdict: Star-Crossed! Maybe better off as besties.

Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson (might have dated)

Star-struck: Joshua has an intense combination of Moon, Saturn and Mars in Leo, making him dynamic, yet extremely guarded. Katie's upbeat Sagittarian Sun sends mega-positive vibes to this aspect; she is one of the few people who can truly get him to open up and relax. Meanwhile, Katie's Moon sends harmonious aspects to four of Joshua's planets, guaranteeing a strong emotional connection.The conjunction of Katie's Venus with Joshua's Uranus makes this a spontaneous, fun pairing while Katie's Pluto in trine with Joshua's Sun and Mercury gives the feeling of intellectual soulmates.

Star-crossed: Although these two get along so well, they also confuse the hell out of each other, due to a plethora of negative Neptune aspects. While they have similar romantic natures, Joshua may be constantly suspicious and befuddled as to Katie's true intentions, which could lead to a depressive view on the part Joshua. With a lack of strong connections with Mars, there could be a lack of physical passion to glue them together.

Verdict: Star-struck! Both already have a slew of tumultuous love affairs behind them; now it's time for Pacey and Joey to settle down long-term with their best friend.

Lupita Nyong'o and Oscar Isaac (never dated)

Star-struck: Grand Trines are rare and super-harmonious; when this aspect appears in a couple's chart they are particularly blessed. Oscar's fiery Leo Moon is forming a Grand Trine with four planets in Lupita's chart, sweeping him off his feet with feelings of true love. Heart, mind and body come together due to the conjunction of his Mercury with her Venus and Mars in exuberant Aries. Moreover, his Venus, in the idealistic sign of Aquarius, sends out positivity to a full five planets in her chart. For her part, Lupita finds this pairing highly intoxicating, due to her Uranus hitting his Moon, Mercury and Venus,

Star-crossed: The fights between these two could be nuclear. There is a high degree of instability and emotional volatility, as Lupita's bold Uranus forms a T-Square with Oscar's passive-aggressive Piscean Mars and his killjoy Saturn in nitpicky Virgo. Things could completely spin out of control due to harsh aspects involving tinder-keg Jupiter. Additional Saturn aspects bring unshakeable elements of control to the pairing.

Verdict: Star-struck! The je t'aime... moi non plus aspect of this pairing could be inescapable. There is love and hate, adoration and control, in equal measure, which could be exhausting and dangerous, but also totally epic.

Serena Willians and Cristiano Ronaldo (never dated)

Star-struck: There is definitely a sportsmanlike respect between these two, due to connections between his supportive Leo Sun and fair-play Aquarian Moon and her Jupiter and Saturn in diplomatic Libra, which is reciprocated by her Sun and Moon and his workaholic Jupiter.

Star-crossed: When looking at compatibility, the Moon (emotions), Mars (physical passion) and Venus (courtly love), are of extreme importance. For Serena and Cristiano, there is just no glue holding them together, but a whole lot tearing them apart. They are extremely different, and highly competitive. She is far too independent for his liking and too strong-willed for his Leo Moon, which is looking for a trophy wife, not a wife who wins trophies.

Verdict: Star-crossed! They are both amazing athletes. The similarities end there.

Emma Watson and Prince Harry (never dated)

Star-struck: These two definitely have an intellectual and emotional bond, due to strong aspects between Mercury, the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Jupiter. As individuals, they admire each other. Harry is impressed by Emma's devotion to humanitarian causes and her down-to-earth nature, with his altruistic Virgo Sun and pragmatic Taurean Moon trining her Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. She finds him passionate, daring, street smart, and an old-school romantic.

Star-crossed: While Harry has his party boy persona, at the end of the day, he likes predictability and routine, with his Sun, Moon, Ascendent, and Mercury in Earth signs. And while Emma often gets mixed up with her "Harry Potter" character, Hermione Granger, her Moon and Sun are in dynamic fire signs, and she needs a lot of energy and motion to feel satisfied.

Verdict: Star-struck! When Harry finally settles down, he may end up the most domestically boring and stable of the Windsors. As long as Emma is allowed to pursue her interests and stay active, these two could work.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak (have dated)

Star-struck: His Scorpio Moon trines her Cancer Sun/Moon combo. Their identities and emotions dovetail in a very harmonious manner. Water signs are caring, compassionate and unpretentious. Other than that though, there isn't much going on.

Star-crossed: Venus is the planet of love: Mindy's Venus in quick-witted, fun-loving Gemini squares his Saturn in detail-oriented, pragmatic and orderly Virgo. She could find him controlling, stifling and a killjoy, while he could think she is superficial when it comes to daily living. Her Venus is also opposite his Neptune; she could easily get sucked into putting his priorities first, leaving her confused and at sea.

Verdict: Star-crossed! A good rapport for colleagues or casual acquaintances, but anything more and things could get heavy.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (have dated on-and-off)

Star-struck: Mars is the planet of passion, and Uranus is the planet of excitement. With Selena's Mars trining the Bieb's Uranus, sparks are sure to fly and their sex life would never get boring. Selena's larger-than-life Leo Sun is in trine with his Pluto, so she could see him as a soulmate, while, in return, he sees her as someone easy to toy with.

Star-crossed: There are so many disharmonious aspects between these two that writing them out would take longer than the time they were together. Mars is also the planet of anger and aggression, and her Mars in stubborn Taurus forms a mega-unharmonious T-square with his Pluto, Mercury and Mars in the equally stubborn signs of Scorpio and Aquarius. There is a lot of game-playing going on, with sex being the weapon of choice. Moreover, his freedom-loving Jupiter squares her Mercury, Venus and Saturn. He could feel stifled and hen-pecked by her constant conniving.

Verdict: Star-crossed! Sex could be the glue that binds this couple together – and tears them apart.

Amber Heard and Michelle Rodriguez (never dated)

Star-struck: Amber's Taurean Sun is in trine with Michelle's caring Virgoan Venus, as well as her Saturn in the last degree of mentoring Leo. Amber could look up to Michelle as a role model and guru. Meanwhile, Amber's Jupiter energizes Michelle's Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Scorpio, pushing her to take chances, try new things and explore new horizons, while always feeling needed.

Star-crossed: Amber's mega-ambitious Mars in the social-climbing sign of Capricorn runs roughshod over Michelle's democratic Libran Moon and Pluto. Likewise, her Jupiter is opposing Michelle's Mars and squaring her Neptune; Amber's seductive and enthralling aura could be hiding some serious deception, which could leave Michelle feeling used and confused.

Verdict: Star-crossed. This could turn into an "All About Eve" scenario if Michelle doesn't watch her back. Better off as cordial colleagues, with a professional distance.

Constance Wu and Aziz Ansari (never dated)

Star-struck: Conjunctions between planets in a couple's chart is always a sign of understanding and compatibility. Constance's Aries Sun is conjunct with Aziz's Venus and Mars, and he could be impressed by her strength and extroversion. Her Venus and his Mercury are also in alignment in the intellectual sign of Aquarius, leading to a strong mental connection. Her fiery Sun also trines his Jupiter and Uranus, so she has the ability to push him out of his comfort zone and experience life in a whole new way.

Star-crossed: With his Moon in Cancer, Aziz wants more than just a partner; he needs a surrogate mother who kindly tends to his very touchy emotions. Constance's strong-willed, independent Jupiter squares his laid-back Mercury, while her zestful Mars in extroverted Libra is at odds with his co-dependent Cancer Moon — he may resent the fact that she has other people in her life than just him. Likewise, her outgoing Neptune in Sagittarius confuses his Venus and Mars in shy-and-sensitive Pisces, leading to considerable crossed wires.

Verdict: Star-crossed! She is just too dynamic for him. He would be happier with the girl-next-door.

Jennifer Lawrence and Michael B. Jordan (never dated)

Star-struck: His laid-back Aquarian Sun is opposite her high-octane Leo Sun. In astrology, when it comes to sun signs, opposites attract! He admires her glamour, while she can relax around him. Moreover, her Sun is in trine with his Mars, Saturn and Uranus, guaranteeing a relationship that is passionate and exciting, but also stable. His Moon in trine with her Pluto gives this couple a fated feel, and he also finds her intellectually inspiring and surprising, as his Mercury in poetic Pisces trines her Uranus and Neptune.

Star-crossed: With her Uranus opposing his mellow Cancerian Moon, and her stubborn Taurean Mars squaring his Sun, he could find her a bit of an insubordinate minx, but that is part of the reason he found her so intoxicating to begin with. He may be so knocked off his feet that he tries to control her, which will never work, as it will only make her feel less secure in the relationship. If he can get to a place of trust, the disharmonious Saturn aspects between these two can be held in check.

Verdict: Star-struck! Michael B. Jordan said in a recent interview that the actress he most wants to work with is JLaw. Could the interest be hiding a crush? If he gets up the courage to ask her on a date, it could lead to sparks and a long-term pairing filled with exhilaration and wonder.

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