08/10/2016 11:41 EDT

Ryanair Passenger Jumps Off Airport Bridge, Runs Across Tarmac To Make Flight

“It is definitely a first for this airport."

Missing a flight is a pretty terrible feeling, and it's one that this traveller couldn't stomach last week.

A man planning to travel from Madrid, Spain to Gran Canaria, one of the country's Canary Islands, resorted to desperate measures to try to make his plane when he got delayed in the airport, according to The Local news site.

Video posted by airport workers on Facebook shows the Ryanair passenger sitting on the edge of an airport bridge, then jumping to the ground with his bags.

He then runs across the tarmac and flags down a service vehicle, the driver seemingly denying him a ride.

He then runs towards a Ryanair plane, but is stopped before he gets there.

Madrid-Barajas airport was on its second-highest anti-terror alert level at the time, the Facebook poster wrote.

A spokeswoman for Spanish Civil Guard told The Guardian that while he was allowed to board his plane, the aircraft he was running after in the video wasn't his flight.

The spokeswoman said he was arrested by police once he arrived on the island.

The incident occurred Aug. 5 at around 9 p.m., a representative for Aena, the company that operates the airport, told The Guardian.

An Aena spokesman explained to The Local how the incident actually happened.

“He pushed through a fire escape door into the air bridge, jumped down and then chased the plane."

“This passenger had a boarding card and went through security but he seemingly got waylaid in the terminal and the gate was closed before he reached it,” he said.

“He pushed through a fire escape door into the air bridge, jumped down and then chased the plane. The alarm was immediately raised and the Civil Guard alerted but by then he had boarded the plane and was on his way.”

The Civil Guard spokeswoman told The Guardian that the traveller was released after questioning, but isn't necessarily off the hook.

The Sun reports the Bolivian national could face a big fine.

Gran Canaria is pretty stunning — we wouldn't want to lose any time on the beach either.

“It is definitely a first for this airport," an Aena spokesman told the outlet.

A Ryanair representative told CNN that the Facebook video concerned an airport security breach and was a matter for the airport police, who wouldn't comment.

But a few directed their anger at authorities.

"The airport needs investigating for a complete failure of basic security control," wrote Ian Barber in a comment below the video.

And Joel Chandler pointed out what a lot of people may be thinking — just how dangerous the man's stunt was.

"All fun and games till you get sucked into the engine and grinded (sic) up to a red mist," he wrote.

You can see the whole episode in the video above.

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