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Team Canada Instagrammers Show Off Their Downtime At The Rio Olympics

They train hard, they play hard, they chill hard.

Cable TV is for watching Canadian Olympians give their all in pursuit of a medal.

Instagram is for watching them unwind.

Team Canada has been active on the social network throughout the Games, showing off everything they do to prepare for competition. And how they chill outside of it.

Here are 26 Canadian athletes showing what their downtime looks like in Brazil:

Andre De Grasse, sprinting

A view from the top.

Views From Juiz De Fora🇧🇷

A photo posted by Andre De Grasse (@de6rasse) on

Aaron Kingsley Brown, sprinting

A quiet night in the Olympic Village.

Live from the Olympic Village! 🇧🇷 #rio2016

A photo posted by Aaron Kingsley Brown (@kingsleysc) on

Jennifer Abel

Strike a pose.

Sooooo how did you guys like our opening ceremonies outfit made by @dsquared2? I think we looked awesome 😍

A video posted by Jennifer Abel (@jennabel91) on

Kirsti Lay, cycling

Now THAT'S where you hold a spin class!

People watching makes rollers so much more enjoyable! ;) 👀 #eyespy #athletevillage

A photo posted by Kirsti Lay (@layk88) on

Eugenie Bouchard, tennis

The tennis star gave her followers a tour of Team Canada's dwellings.

My #Rio2016 adventures... The good, the bad, the ugly all on snap: genieebouchard

A video posted by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Check out the pattern on that bedspread!

Cutest bed ever

A photo posted by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Sage Watson, hurdles

A police escort on the way to Rio.

Roseline Filion, diving

A bronze medallist with a gold medal-worthy spin-o-rama.

Hugo Barrette, cycling

Leaping to new heights.

Little activation this morning at the Olympic village gym! 🤘🏻🐰 #Rio2016

A video posted by Hugo Barrette (@hugebarrette) on

Santo Condorelli, swimming


Haha gotta love that you have the option to snag some condoms after every meal here at the #olympics #rio #zikafree

A photo posted by Santo Condorelli (@santo_condorelli) on

Ben Saxton, beach volleyball

In the Olympic Village, there's no mistaking where you are, or where you're from.

#Home #rio2016

A photo posted by Ben Saxton (@bensaxton13) on

Shelina Zadorsky, soccer

Kickin' a ball around on the dock.

Brasília! Our new home for the next few days 😍🌅

A photo posted by Shelina Zadorsky (@shelinaz) on

Diana Matheson, soccer

Against a sublime sunset.

Made it to Brasilia in time for some recovery and sunset.

A photo posted by Diana Matheson (@dmatheson8) on

Kylie Masse, swimming


🇨🇦 #teamcanada

A photo posted by Kylie Masse (@kyliemasse) on

Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, swimming

+1 for the Drake reference.

Started from the bottom now we're here 🙆🇧🇷 #rio #punintended #metaphorical #getit #itsdeep

A photo posted by Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (@erikash24) on

Gavin Schmitt, volleyball

Moose needs a name. Moosey McMooseface?

Jasmine Mian, wrestling

Rio is pretty. But Buzios is stunning too.

Erica Wiebe, wrestling

Even on Brazilian TV, you can still see Canada play.

Danielle Lappage, wrestling


Whatttttttt!?!?! #teamcanada is so spoiled. So proud to rep this gear! #Rio2016 #thankful 🇨🇦🍁🙏

A photo posted by Danielle Lappage (@dlappage) on

Tory Nyhaug, cycling

Somebody doesn't pack lightly.

On my way to Rio! 🇨🇦🇧🇷 @teamcanada ... I pack light 😜

A photo posted by Tory Nyhaug (@tnyhaug49) on

Maxim Bouchard, diving

Ohhh, myyyy.

Tom Ramshaw, sailing

Yes, OK Tom, yes, the hammock works fine.

Carling Zeeman, rowing

Downtime involves lots of training, too.

Michael Woods, cycling

Round a corner in Costa Brava, and you'll find this.

Keeping it fresh @newbalance @pocsports #begur #costabrava

A photo posted by Michael Woods (@rusty_woods) on

Keegan Pereira, field hockey

A little sightseeing.

✝ Checked off the bucket list ✔ #Rio2016 #teamcanada

A photo posted by Keegan Pereira (@kpere10) on

Liam and Cameron Smedley

Calm waters for now.

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