08/11/2016 05:33 EDT | Updated 08/11/2016 05:59 EDT

These 10 Beauty Products Have Some Of The Top Reviews On Amazon

Here's all the beauty product Amazon users are buying (and loving).

For many of us beauty lovers, we trust the experts. When a makeup guru says they adore a certain product, we frolic to our local drugstore or Sephora to pick up their coveted recommendations.

But sometimes, we just need to trust what our fellow peers are saying. Because hey, when it comes to finding the best in beauty, we're all in this together.

Enter the customer review section.

If you're a firm believer in online reviews, there's no better place than Amazon.

Netting just under $600 billion in 2015, the Amazon community is thriving. Starting out as a bookstore, Amazon has grown into a e-tailer powerhouse that has literally anything your heart desires. Thousands of purchases are made on the site each day. This has resulted in the Internet retailer becoming a haven for online reviews. When a beauty product has an incredible amount of positive feedback, that's usually a good indicator of whether it's worthy of your hard earned money.

There is a vast array of beauty brands on Amazon and they all vary in price point. If you feel lost in a sea of hundreds of product and you want the best of the best, ratings and price shouldn't be the only thing you analyze. The number of reviews should factor as well.

After scouring Amazon's beauty hub for hours, we've rounded up the products that stuck out as the overwhelming favourites of beauty lovers with both stellar ratings and a solid sampling of reviewers.

Check them out in the slideshow below!

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