08/11/2016 03:29 EDT | Updated 08/15/2016 10:59 EDT

3 Ways To Reduce Waste And Save Money

Reducing food waste in our daily lives is easier than you think.

Between working, fixing up meals, dropping off the kids at school and trying to fit in a workout, preventing food waste isn’t usually our first priority.

Not all of us can take time out of our day to break down our compost or drive our leftover foods to a local food bank. But finding time to reduce food waste in our daily lives is easier than you think.

An average household in Canada wastes $1,456 worth of food annually. Not only does reducing food waste save you money, but it also prevents methane gas from being released into the atmosphere (methane gas contributes to the warming of the atmosphere), which is harmful to our planet.

Simple changes to your routine like rearranging your fridge and making use of your leftovers can have a large impact on the environment and your savings.

Watch the video above for more easy ways to reduce food waste at home.

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