08/11/2016 19:09 EDT | Updated 08/12/2017 01:12 EDT

Say what? Quotes from the Rio Olympics on Thursday

RIO DE JANEIRO — Competition continued at the Rio Olympics on Thursday. Here is a collection of quotes from Day 6:


"This is amazing, to tie for a gold. I never thought I'd win a gold. She deserves it as much as me. It means so much."

— Toronto's Penny Oleksiak after tying American Simone Manuel for gold in the women's 100-metre freestyle with an Olympic record time of 52.70 seconds.


"I don't think we showed up tonight. We felt it, or at least I felt it, before the match on the warm-up court."

— Canadian men's volleyball player Nicholas Hoag after falling 3-0 to France in preliminary round play.


"We sincerely regret that these statements were made, and that they were allowed to go to air. We moved quickly last night to apologize to our viewers on-air and to our followers on social media. To be clear, Byron's comments were related to the swimmer's performance, not to her as an individual. That said, they were inappropriate and an unfortunate choice of words and Byron is very sorry for what he said. He has since addressed his comments from last night on air today."

— CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson apologizing after commentator Byron MacDonald said that a Chinese swimmer "died like a pig" in the 4x200m freestyle relay final. MacDonald believed his microphone was off the air when he made his comments.


"Evi caught a bacteria in early July that causes dysentery. Doctors say this can seriously disrupt energy levels for three months. It became clear yesterday that she lacked energy during tough conditions. She could not use full force for a top condition. ... The likelihood that she caught it here during contact with the water is very big."

— Coach Wil Van Bladel on Belgium's Evi Van Acker, who became sick after racing on polluted Guanabara Bay, the first sailor to fall ill from the waters that were subject to great scrutiny leading to the Rio Games.


"The last time I can think of really being nervous was probably the (2013) Presidents Cup. There has been a couple times if you're in final groups. But not the first tee shot of the week. So it was definitely a different feeling. You're out there and you're playing for more than just yourself. You're playing for the flag and it's a pretty cool feeling."

— Graham DeLaet of Weyburn, Sask., on being nervous before teeing off in the first round of golf at the Olympics since 1904, which Canada's George S. Lyon won at the St. Louis Games.


"He (Anzrah) was ... taken to the doping control station purportedly as Ferguson Rotich and subjected to produce the sample and he signed. He took possession of an identity card of an athlete who was in the list of WADA for out of competition dope testing."

— Kenyan team leader Stephen Arap Soi on track coach John Anzrah being sent home from the Olympics. Anzrah provided a urine sample for a doping test and signed forms in the name of 800-metre runner Ferguson Rotich.


"I had the green light from the doctor that I was ready to run in Rio, but I had to prove fitness. I understand that, but it was extremely hard to do. You can never run faster in practice than in competition."

— Kim Hyacinthe of Terrebonne, Que., after a failed fitness test in Toronto led to her withdrawal from the Rio Games