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10 Backstage Hacks To Up Your Beauty Game In No Time

Troubleshoot any mini beauty mishaps.

Take it from us, backstage is not just for selfies and Snapchat.

There's plenty to learn about beauty when you're camped out behind the scenes: as the clock ticks closer to show time and the pressure kicks in, an army of makeup artists and hairstylists work their magic to beautify the models. And they do so using the simplest techniques.

We've picked up ten tips to not only get you looking runway-ready quickly, but to troubleshoot any beauty mishap that comes your way.

1. Trimming false lashes

Want to get a pretty lash line without too much drama? One pro artist tip is to cut small sections of false lashes and apply them strategically along the lash line. Feeling dramatic after all? Apply single falsies along the bottom lash line for a doll-like effect.

2. Silk makeup scarf

Ever wonder how models make it through multiple outfit changes without getting makeup all over their clothes? A genius stylist tip is to tie a silk scarf over your face before you pull a top or dress over your head. The scarf provides a barrier against super stainable lipstick, and the silky texture allows the clothing to slide over easily.

3. Dry shampoo

Skipping washes or product buildup can cause hair to look a little limp, so smart stylists often carry dry shampoo or powder to soak up excess oil. Happen to have a blow dryer handy? Quickly drying the roots gives volume and gets rid of excess powder.

4. Multi-purpose sticks

Short on time but don't want to skimp on your polished look? Makeup artists are masters of multi-use applications using iridescent highlighters on cheekbones, eyes, and the centre of the lips. A less shiny bronzer works wonders as a neutral shadow, and creme blush creates a perfectly pretty matte lip colour.

5. Style by hand

Avoid sticky helmet hair by spraying hairspray onto hands first and then smoothing down flyaways by hand. A little leftover hold on your hands? Wrap small sections of hair around fingers to separate and enhance waves.

6. Natural beachy waves

Take it from the pros; less is more when it comes to natural beachy waves. To save time and achieve a pretty natural look, simply twist dry hair into a loose messy bun and spray with setting product. Allow hair to set for the length of time it takes to apply makeup, and then shake out and separate waves with fingers, for instant boho style.

7. Create a healthy glow

Models are required to come to set without makeup, but there is an exception to the clear canvas rule and that's a nourishing facial oil. Massaging a small amount of the oil gently into the skin not only draws natural colour to the face, but also provides a dewy base for foundation and makeup.

8. Flyaway spray for eyebrows

Beautiful brows can be a model's beauty trademark, so it's important to keep them perfectly groomed. Skip the brow waxes that can flake and dry, and grab a flyaway spray instead; intended for taming the hairline but ideal for brows, some brands even come with a mascara style wand for easy application.

9. Baby wipe for stain removal

Despite every best effort (and following tip #2!), makeup can still accidentally find its way onto our clothes. No worries here though, baby wipes should do the trick to lift out simple stains — just make sure to avoid makeup wipes as they tend to contain oil, which would make matters worse.

10. Faux freckles for a sunkissed youthful glow

Want to create a cute, sunkissed makeup look in a pinch? Makeup artists know the secret, and it doesn't involve spending time in the sun! Simply dot on freckles with a dark eyeliner or brow pencil, or grab a stencil kit and create your own design.

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