08/15/2016 01:51 EDT | Updated 08/15/2016 01:59 EDT

Why Do Women Get Vaginal Dryness And What Can We Do About It?

Including how to get relief.

Vaginal dryness may be a common occurrence, but it's still a taboo topic.

“This was a topic that no one wanted to talk about, ” says Chia Chia Sun, CEO of Damiva, makers of all-natural health products for women in menopause. In fact, women are much less willing to talk about their own vaginal dryness than they are about their male partner’s erectile dysfunction.

As Toronto physician Dr. Anne Madigan notes, the conversation around sex and older women doesn't even really exist. “We don’t have many ads for vaginal dryness on television," she says. "The message is that it is really important for men to have sex, but what kind of message is there for women?”

It's time to change the conversation. In the slideshow below, we spoke with three experts to learn everything there is to know about vaginal dryness. From why we get it to how to talk about it and get relief from it, these tips will have you back in the sack in no time.

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