08/16/2016 07:58 EDT

Cpl. Simon Cadieux, Canadian Forces Corporal, Charged With Sex Assault

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OTTAWA — A Canadian Forces corporal has been charged with sexual assault after an alleged incident involving another member of the military.

The Department of National Defence says the alleged incident took place when the Ontario-based corporal was deployed as a member of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment in Jamaica in November 2015.

It says Cpl. Simon Cadieux faces charges that include one count of sexual assault, one count of behaving in a disgraceful manner and one count of drunkenness, all in accordance with the National Defence Act.

The Department of National Defence says Cadieux works with the Joint Personnel Support Unit in Petawawa, Ont.

Charges laid by independent military police group

The charges were laid Monday by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

The service is a unit within the independent Canadian Forces Military Police Group that investigates serious and sensitive matters in relation to Department of National Defence property, employees and Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

"The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service plays a vital role in defence against sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces,'' Lieut.-Col. Francis Bolduc, commanding officer of the service said in a statement.

"These charges reflect our ongoing commitment to support efforts throughout the organization to help ensure a respectful, healthy professional environment for all members.''