Stroller Hack: This Brilliant DIY Fix Will Keep Your Baby Cool In Summer

All it takes is one trip to a dollar store.

The summer heat is enough to make an adult cranky, but imagine what it does to a baby who doesn’t even have the words to complain about it. And there’s nothing that makes the irritable weather worse than an irritable baby.

Here’s a super easy way to make sure the stroller stays cool in the hot weather: D.I.Y. stroller fan. You don’t have to be a master crafter for this one.

All you need is a dollar store fan and some Velcro to keep it in place, and voila! Summer walks with your child have just become a lot more enjoyable.

Check out this video by D.I.Y for more!

NOTE: One thing to be careful of is putting a blanket over your stroller when your baby is sleeping. Find out why this can be dangerous here.

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