08/16/2016 04:22 EDT | Updated 08/16/2016 04:59 EDT

Underneath We Are Women: Lingerie Campaign Celebrates Body Diversity

"I didn't realize this would be life changing for some women."

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of her body type.

And while we've seen some large retailers taking strides to be more inclusive, Australian photographer Amy Herrmann plans on taking things a few steps further with a new photobook campaign: Underneath We Are Women.

"This project is about showcasing the diversity of women's bodies and sharing the stories that shaped them rather than succumbing to the fictitious default stories that have long been associated with various body types," she wrote on her Kickstarter page. "As diverse as we are as people, our bodies are equally as diverse."

Herrmann plans to photograph 100 women from all backgrounds, and to share each woman's story about their relationship with their body, InStyle reported.

And while bringing the campaign to life can definitely bring out all types of emotions from the models, the end result proves to be extremely gratifying.

"Each day that we do these shoots, the women come in and they're all nervous as heck and then they walk out with this completely changed attitude," the photographer shared with Daily Mail Australia. "I don't think I expected that, I think I just thought this was going to be an easy project where I photographed 100 different women, made a book and that would be it. I didn't realize this would be life changing for some women."

Herrmann hopes to publish the final copy of the book in May 2017.

Check out more pics from the project below.

Looking good, ladies!

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