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103-Year-Old Woman Says Secret To Her Long Life Is Beer

We like our odds.

There have been plenty of studies and anecdotes looking at the keys to a long life. From reading books to eating more bacon to getting more exercise to even avoiding men, there seem to be plenty of ways to prolong your life.

But one 103-year-old woman may have just found the best-kept secret to adding a few more years: beer.

Mildred Bowers of Mount Pleasant, SC, is turning 103 years old at the end of August. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Bowers was interviewed by WCSC Live 5 News, where she said that the secret to living a long and happy life was to "have a beer, doctor's orders."

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According to the news outlet, Bowers lived through the Great Depression and outlived two husbands. She grew up as one of nine girls in her family and was the only one who didn't have children.

Aside from enjoying a good brew, Bowers, who goes by Millie with her friends, also attributes her good genes for her long life. "I feel okay because I'm in good health," she said.

Mille also still has her wits about her.

"My mind is good, I have no problem with that and that's the big thing that a lot of people my age don't have at my age is a good mind," Bowers said.

"I want everyone to drink what they like."

Even her skin is something to be admired.

"I'm jealous of her skin. I'm jealous of how beautiful she looks," said friend Janelle Sherman. Could beer be the secret to great skin, too??

According to Bowers, every day at 4 p.m. she's allowed to have a beer at the assisted living facility where she lives. This came about during a conversation with some nurses, who got permission from the doctor.

As for whether or not she recommends all seniors enjoy a nice cold brew every day, she said, "Yes, if they like it. Look, there are people who don't like coffee and people who don't like tea, but I want everyone to drink what they like."

Sound advice, Millie!

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