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Gigi Hadid Shuts Down Body-Shamers With One Powerful Comment

She may be one of the biggest supermodels in the world, but even Gigi Hadid has to deal with annoying body-shamers on social media.

Earlier this week, the 21-year-old blond bombshell posted a 'gram of her reflection while on vacation. In a sea of positive comments praising Hadid's beauty, one Internet troll stood out from the rest, deeming her too thin...

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And that's when Gigi personally responded.

"It’s called growing up," she wrote. "I loved my body as a 17-year-old athlete and I love my body now. Yes, I’ve lost some 'baby fat,' but muscle mass from my intensive volleyball training in high school has changed over the years into lean muscle from boxing, and work stress can have its affect [sic], but purposefully changing my body has never been my thing. I still eat what I want, I’m still strong, and I’m still healthy."

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"Your comment won’t get me down," she continued. "But next time, please think about the young women who may read body-judgement comments and judge themselves as they see their bodies growing and therefore naturally changing, too."

Nearly a year ago, during Paris Fashion Week, Gigi was fighting a similar battle when body-shamers on Instagram posted negative comments about her appearance and size, criticizing her for having a body that's curvier than the average high fashion model.

This led the Tommy Hilfiger model and collaborator to take to Instagram and address the haters in the most gracious way possible. Hadid posted a note calling out the trolls, saying that even though she's not immune to their negativity, she's not going to change herself and she's not going to quit.

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"I represent a body image that wasn't accepted in high-fashion before, and I'm very lucky to be supported by the designers, stylists, and editors that I am: ones that know this is fashion, it's art; it can never stay the same," she writes. "If you don't like it, don't follow me, don't watch me, cause I'm not going anywhere."

And leave it up to Hadid to be the biggest body champion of all, constantly celebrating the bodies of her fellow Hollywood It girls who have also experienced body-shaming.

In a recent Vogue podcast with Helena Suric, Gigi addressed how social media appears to only see two types of bodies: either "fat" or "skinny." But regardless of how people label her body, she'll always brush off the negativity knowing many people have her back, including the designers who book her for their runway shows.

"I’ll post a picture and one person will say I’m too fat and three comments down someone's calling me anorexic. So it happens to everyone. We all go through it and no one’s alone in that for sure."

So how did Hadid celebrate her body-shamer take down? With Nutella, of course.


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